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  • "Testimonial goes here... quotes from investors go here. Testimonial goes here..." – Author Here
  • "Testimonial goes here... quotes from investors go here. Testimonial goes here..." – Author Here
  • "Testimonial goes here... quotes from investors go here. Testimonial goes here..." – Author Here
  • "Testimonial goes here... quotes from investors go here. Testimonial goes here..." – Author Here
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Client Testimonials

  • "I would recommend Mr. Rob Newell for any position or business relationship involving investments, lending or business development."

    David M. Nissman CEO Bridge Capital, USVI Former US Attorney

  • "Mr. Newell has a very powerful loan origination arm with Hard Money Funding and equally strong loan resale contacts with Black Hawk Capital Managers. Rob was highly effective as a manager in delivering high yield, safety and liquidity to our $250 Million real estate loan portfolio. I have had an investment relationship with Mr. Newell that dates back to the RTC days, 20 years ago. Rob has been a significant contributor to my personal and business success."

    John Baldwin Owner Bridge Capital LLC

  • "Mr Newell and his companies are recognized nationally as being leaders and innovators in the Commercial Lending arena. In addition, Mr. Newell possesses one of the most powerful loan origination businesses I have witnessed with his Hard Money Funding enterprise. He is performance oriented and always eager to create win-win business opportunities."

    Bert Watson President and CEO Sunset Financial Resources

  • We have done business with Rob and his companies for at least 8 years. We have always been happy with the way Rob has handled business. He is able to think outside the box and demonstrates creativity in negotiating and structuring transactions that maximize both the return to his investors, as well as, the collateral position, which provides underlying protection for the capital invested. He is focused on creating transactions that are successful and profitable for all involved.

    Dan Will CEO and Managing Member Mountain Capital

  • "I am a very satisfied investor in a Black Hawk managed fund. I am impressed with Black Hawk's investor transparency, servicing, and liquidity characteristics. I would recommend Black Hawk to anyone searching for superior returns in both up and down markets. Black Hawk is a professional and personable organization."

    Brent Little Investor Trustee Opportunity Partners

  • "I have been a friend and professional associate with Rob for the past 25 years. He has a unique quality to make everyone happy in all of his business transactions. Rob approaches business the same way he approaches life, always honest and trustworthy, performance oriented, with the unique ability to always bring out the best in everyone and every situation. I would highly recommend Rob and Black Hawk for any professional endeavor demanding quality and results."

    Kent Berreth CPA Berreth, Lochmiller & Associates

  • "You are obviously very experienced in real estate lending and its myriad of details, which was a great asset in my closing as I had quite a few moving parts. In addition the speed with which you moved was much appreciated. I certainly and unequivocally recommend you to others who are in need of a hard money lender."

    David Dye President Dye Development, Inc

  • "I have had a very successful investment and professional business relationship with Black Hawk Capital Managers for the past 20 years. I'm currently co-manager of Secured Income III with Black Hawk Capital Managers. Four words summarize Mr. Newell and the Black Hawk experience: Honest, Professional, Knowledgeable, and Effective."

    Richard Oliphant President CBIA Hall of Fame Oliphant Enterprises

  • "I have know Rob for the past 20 years. He and his companies are currently filling a huge void in our market placeā€¦opportunistic capital. It is companies like Black Hawk that are good for our economy. Robert Newell and Black Hawk have my full support."

    Richard Nolan Former US Congressman